Our’s is a short story. Well, perhaps not if told after the legendary three martinis. Still, as quickly as possible, here’s how @wbmchallenge came to life.

Sitting in Heathrow airport one evening, drinking a very tasty Martini prepared by our tame bartender Youssef at Gordon Ramsay’s Planefood, we lamented that it would be nice, rather than simply flying home, if we got on the next flight to somewhere interesting and tried a Martini when we got there. Then we thought, wouldn’t it be really nice if other people told us about their favourite Martini and we went wherever they were and had a taste ourselves. Especially since we were conveniently situated in an international airport.

And so @wbmchallenge was born. We started our Twitter feed and after some random tweets about martini drinking in general, we were amazed to find we had some followers. And then some more. Most importantly, our followers tended to have an awful lot of followers themselves. Suddenly, we were getting challenges. We do love it when a plan comes together.

After several years of training our tame bartender, we now have our benchmark Martini, consisting of well-chilled Tanqueray 10, a microscopically small quantity of Noilly PratVermouth, and three olives. Our quest is to go where you send us, absolutely anywhere on our small planet, and sample your nomination for Worlds’ Best Martini. So don’t hesitate, become a #ginfluencer and send us your challenge today.

And yes, that was the quick version.