Trophy presentation to Daffy's Gin at the 2017 Contenders Challenge Event in London

Trophy presentation to Daffy's Gin at the 2017 Contenders Challenge Event in London


The 2018 Contenders Challenge is underway.

our long list this year is...

Welcome to the challenge

Arbikie "Kirsty's Gin," Ballyvolane Spirits @Bertha's Revenge," Conker Spirits "Dorset Dry Gin." Curio Spirits "Rock Samphire Gin," Da Mhile "Seaweed Gin," Kokoro Gin, Lilliput Dorset Gin, Pothecary Gin, Salcombe Gin, and last year's winner Daffy's Gin



On our journey to find the world’s best martini, we’ve had the good fortune and privilege to meet lots of friendly and enthusiastic people, dedicated to bringing all manner of gins to the world. As our regular readers and followers already know, our World's Best Martini has since our genesis featured Tanqueray’s No.10 Gin. If you’ve never tried it, then go immediately to your nearest shop and get a bottle. Of course you can also find it at Amazon. Needless to say we wouldn’t recommend it or drink so much of it if it wasn’t worthy of the World's Best appellation.

That said, as we met more and more gin distillers from around the world, it did set us thinking… What if we featured a different gin in our World's Best Martini? It would be great for the little guy, giving them a chance to promote their gin and get it into establishments they might not otherwise reach. And it would be great for our readers and followers, providing them with new gin recommendations to try.

So we created The Contender’s Challenge Series. The concept is blisteringly simple – each year, any gin producer from anywhere can submit to our very scientific testing process. We conduct one-on-one tastings with each of our entrants, we score them all and then choose a shortlist of the five best gins. We call those five our Contenders. For the rest of the year the Contenders are featured across our World’s Best Martini channels, we work to promote their gins through small tasting events, "Martini of the Month" style features in premium drinks outlets and, as an option, in our product ecosystem including our Contenders Box Set and our (soon to be) world famous Travel Martini Kits.

In January we hold the Contenders Challenge Event. This is a ticketed event for gin lovers everywhere. Attendees get to meet the gin makers and taste their classic and showcase recipe martinis. The highlight of the evening is when we invite our panel of drinks experts to repeat our taste test, and cast their votes for the new World's Best Martini. 

World’s Best Martini Challenge was a fantastic competition that we are very proud indeed to have been involved in and ultimately to have won in 2017. The qualifying rounds and final event itself was an amazing amount of fun and very impressively organised and well run. Off the back of our participation and win we achieved a great amount of media coverage which was also supported very strongly by the event organisers. We look forward very much to defending our title again next year.
— Chris Molyneaux, Managing Director, Daffy's Gin



the 2017 winner of THE Benchmark Gin in the World’s Best Martini WAs DAFFY’S GIN



The 2017 Winning Recipe

Daffy's Gin 'World's Best Martini'

50ml Daffy's Gin

5ml Noilly Pratt (vermouth)

Small piece orange peel

Mint leaf

Warm Cassia Bark

1g Raw Ground Almonds

1 drop Coriander Tincture

Add the mint leaf, almonds and orange peel to a shaker and muddle. Then add the gin, stir, and let it sit whilst you prepare the stirring jar. Add 10ml of vermouth to the stirring jar, stir and then discard. Then add another 5ml and add the coriander tincture. Add the gin then double strain into a mixing glass and garnish with the warm cassia bark.